Tuesday, December 31

Seeing the world through a whole new lens!

Oh, yes I did. I finally caved - thanks to Boxing Day goodness - and purchased a new, fancy DSLR camera. I went with the Canon Rebel T3i. It came in a kit with a bag and an extra lens; and luckily James got me a huge SD memory card for Christmas! Did he foresee this or what?! It just came in the mail last night, so of course I took a million photos of nothing, a million times. Just playing with the settings and such. I am used to setting manual techniques on my little point-and-shoot camera - which I know is nothing compared to this; but it has given me experience scrolling through, and there are some general settings that I already know that I like more than others. I also purchased a tripod with it. This will allow me to do so much more in terms of creative photography, and it will also allow me to film!

I hope to check in with my photography on a weekly basis. Things will look a little worse before they look awesome. But being a painting artist, who uses photographic references most times for inspiration, this seemed a natural progression. The better I can capture a moment, the better I can carry that moment with me into my studio :)

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