Friday, August 30

Lazy days

I've had yesterday and today off from work this week (I work the long weekend coming up), and it's been ages since I've been able to have a day off with nothing going on. Well, there is lots going - big, important stuff - but more news on that when things are a bit more final than they are now. But it is almost the end of summer, and that just boggles my mind how quickly the time went.

Anyways, I spent yesterday catching up on blog reading, cleaning, laundry, renewed my licence and car stickers, oil changed, cleaned the car, started a baby blanket and got my first ever pedicure! Yes, I got so so much done, but it was all at a nice and slow easy pace - if I didn't get it done yesterday, I would always have time to get it done today - a thought I haven't been allowed to have all summer!

I'm not an overly huge fan of feet - but aren't they so pretty!? Yes I have stubbly toes... The whole experience was just so relaxing - completely needed after a crazy, crazy summer. It was part of a Christmas gift that I just never had time to go for (yes, I've been that busy :S), so it was even free!! I still have a manicure and facial on that gift to redeem as well; just trying to space it out a little and enjoy it over the months. 

Now, today will be a little more 'filled'. I will be packing orders, working on custom orders and doing stuff to work towards that little secret above. I'm hoping I can share it all with you by mid-September. It's oh-so very exciting. Some of you might already know, as I have shared it with you - but you'll just have to be hush-hush for now. :)

Tuesday, August 20

Goldfish Meeting Watercolour Painting

The painting I'm sharing with you today is a little different from my usual subject matter. I love aquatic life. I cannot wait to visit the new aquarium in Toronto when it opens (hopefully this fall!).  "Goldfish Meeting" expresses my love of all things colourful and fishy :)

This original painting is available for sale in my online shop :)

Monday, August 19

Under The Yellow Birch Watercolour Painting

"Under The Yellow Birch" - Original Watercolour Painting
I live near a very cottage-filled area, against one of the great lakes. I love how the cute little cottages peak out of the trees, and how they are just so colourful! Teal and yellow is always a winning colour combination too - just so happy! Painting "Under The Yellow Birch" was so much fun, and I'm very happy to share it with you!

I wish I could just go into the painting and know that this little cottage was mine, but alas I cannot. Le sigh. Hehehe. Maybe one day :)

The painting is available in my online shop.

Sunday, August 18

Snowy Cardinals and a Coupon!

"Snowy Cardinal - Original Watercolour Painting

Happy Sunday! I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. This morning marked the end of my night shifts for the weekend, so I had a good sleep in and am now cozied up with a coffee. Tomorrow I'm back at the hospital again, but until then I will enjoy the rest of this blissful Sunday. :o)

I come to you all today, sharing the first of the new paintings that I am releasing this week, "Snowy Cardinal". I had started this painting back in the winter, when we had cardinals visiting our bird feeder. I set it aside to ponder what I wanted to complete on it next, and finally put the finishing touches on it. I'm so happy to be able to share it now with all of you, it's been a long time coming.

I especially enjoyed painting with the red - it's such a strong and vibrant colour that I don't typically use as a focal colour, due to it's strong nature. But with a cardinal, there is no other choice - and it was just so lovely to lay down that rich and bright colour.

And lastly, I have to share a fun coupon code with all of you! Until the end of August 24th, 2013 (this upcoming Saturday), I am offering all my blog readers 20% off their total purchase (minimum $15.50 USD order), with the code AUGBLOGSALE. I am not announcing this sale anywhere else, only on my blog. So it's special just for all you lovelies :) Come check back again regularly this week for more painting goodness :o)

Saturday, August 17

Studio Update

Since getting over a nasty little summer "cold"....after a long recovery, and a 9-day work stretch (finished tonight with my last night shift before a day off)...I've had some time and a mood to get a little creative again. I created several paintings, and finished some, and will be sharing them with you all this week! I'm going to try to stretch it all out over upcoming week, and maybe offer a deal or coupon code on one day throughout the week - stay tuned so you don't miss anything!! It will be mostly watercolours I will be sharing, with maybe one or two mixed media pieces! Some you have seen 'progress' shots of, and some are brand-spankin' new completely! So much goodness, it will be so much fun! You will find them all in my online store as well as here.

I thought that maybe a picture of my watercolour "box" and palette will ignite creativity in everyone too, with all the lovely colours! For my paintings that I sell, I use only tubed watercolour - the colours are just so vibrant right from the start. I do have a small watercolour box with the dried "plates" of watercolour and a palette of Peerless watercolours on paper strips, but those are usually just for my art journal. I love just looking in my little 'treasury' box at all the colours! I have numerous brands....throughout the years creating (over 7 years now!) I have bounced back and forth between brands...sort of how the mood strikes, availability, and colour ranges through the different products - Cadium Yellow in one brand may be quite different in another. The palette, one that I never thought would originally suit for me but I gave it a leap of faith, has been with me most of those years as well. It just works so well for my colour system, and has those larger pots in the "flower" for mixing larger washes. I don't see myself straying from this palette anytime soon. 

So there is lots going on with my artwork, and also in life. A big change is brewing in the wind...and only time will tell what direction it's going to take. Yes, overly poetic - but it fit quite well. I'll have more details as details here become finalized. I'm quite excited for this change, and quite scared. It's a big one. :D 

On a last note, the "Tail Ships" came to Owen Sound this weekend. We didn't have tickets as we weren't sure if we would be awake enough to see them, with us both working night shifts this weekend, but we managed time to go down. Unfortunately the tickets to go closer and actually board them were sold out, so we admired from a distance. Maybe next year. 

Wednesday, August 14

In My Art Journal

I was dabbling in the art journal playing around with gel transfers (on the right). I started off with some thick paint applied with the catalyst wedges, and then scrapped paint inbetween the ridges. 

I found cool vintage wrestler images to use, and used gel medium to transfer them onto the background. Lastly, I embellished the page with simple white ink, and some gold and silver flowers for heads. 

Monday, August 12

In The Studio

I've been working on a few projects this past month. First off is a commission I got through my online art store, for an autumn forest:

I love creating these custom paintings, and I am always willing to take custom orders :)

I'm also working on a light house mixed media painting, from the light house I saw on our summer day trip to Tobermory earlier in the summer.

I really like how this piece is turning out. The longer canvas was perfect for showcasing the lighthouse. There are lots of pretty paper layers, and painting over top. I have quite a bit to do on this piece still though. Some of it I already know what I'm doing, and parts I just know need "something", but not quite sure of the course of action. I'm sure it'll come as I keep working on it, it always does :)

Friday, August 9

Celebrating Greeting Card

This cute little duckie card is my submission to this months' Unity Inspired Challenge. I created it as a Baby Shower greeting card. I aimed more to follow the colour scheme, but sort of followed the sketch as well. I love the look of the off green and navy blue. 

The hardest part was probably cutting the strips of cardstock, and then adhering them to the card base. It took some time and a lot of patience, but I feel the outcome was completely worth it.  I must say my favourite part of this card is the little burlap circle embellishment :)