Monday, September 30

Inside My Art Journal with PanPastels

Right before packing up my pastels and saying good-bye to them for about a month, I had an urge to create just a little bit with them. It's funny, it isn't until you're faced with something not being accessible to you that you really want to use it. I created this landscape in my art journal by first creating a very textured background of words, and then applying pastel ground medium over top so that the PanPastels could grip to it nicely. Then I just painted with the applicator sponges, and added all this beautiful and vibrant colour to the page. Here are some close ups:

I really like how this page turned out, and how the texture just "pulls" at some of the pastels. There was a point where I thought it might be a not-so-great page, but I just persevered and it turned out great! Definitely experimental all the way! Now all the pastels are sadly packed in boxes ready to move...but at least my trusty watercolours are staying out until the end :)

Sunday, September 29

Packing It All Up...

This is the beginning of our packing. We get our house on October 4th - EEEEEEE!!!! So super close!  We aren't quite sure on an actual "move in" date, as we both work nights that it will be a "get-our-keys-have-a-nap" sort of event :) It will likely be mid-October that we get in there - this way, we can do a cleaning, minor repairs and possibly some painting!

Despite all those boxes, there is still tons of work going on at my studio desk :) Painting supplies will be one of the last things packed, and first things unpacked so that I can continue with orders seamlessly. Being able to paint with packing breaks....or pack with painting breaks, keeps things from becoming too overwhelming. :)

Friday, September 27

Introducing 2014...

I am so happy to be introducing to everyone my 2014 calendar today!!! It is available for sale, online at This calendar features all new artwork, nothing is repeated from previous year calendars. So, it's fresh and new and just so much fun!

This cute calendar comes complete with a mini art easel to display it on...or tack it onto your walls, fridge and boards at work! Super versatile! And....once the year is over, you have a little mini easel to display some of your own work on, or maybe a mini art piece from someone else - perfect to display ATCs too!!

Each month is printed on beautiful matte cardstock paper - nice and sturdy. The colours are beautifully vivid, and will add a splash of happiness to every desk and workspace. This calendar set also comes with *5* free postcards, featuring my "Full Moon" painting :) Perfect for snail-mailing little notes to friends :)

Calendars can be purchased, here.

Thursday, September 26

Catching Up To Life

Getting back into the swing of things after our late summer cottage getaway hasn't been too hard, but there is a lot going on. First off, the little vacation was so nice - just to be away and somewhere nice and peaceful. We even went for a dip in the cooler lake water, the sun was so warm we had too! 

Lots of good friends stopped to visit and catch up. Then, in the evenings we watched some scary movies - the first and second "Insidious" movies - the second we drove into town to watch it in the theatre. Some board games, and a nice dinner out to celebrate our 7 years together made it complete. 

We really couldn't have asked for better weather - it was just so beautiful! We have been graced with another beautiful week this week - in which I lucked out to have most of it off. Don't worry, it's not as relaxing as the cottage - I have been packing up a storm, working on Mammography assignments and painting away on commission paintings. I'm ever so grateful that watercolour paintings take minimal supplies: paint, paper and water. Phew! I'd never be able to continue through all the packing if that wasn't the case, and it's be so hard to not be allowed to be creative!

 Just want to leave you with the comical picture of dear Mr. Oreo. He heard something, and his pupils just grew so big! He must have sat like that for a good couple minutes trying to figure it all out.

Monday, September 16

Butterfly Ink Blot Mixed Media

This is my creation from the Week 37 lesson from the online mixed media classes that I have been taking. I didn't really like it much at first, but it has grown on me. It was a good exercise to just "get messy" with some art materials, and was a lot of fun to create.

Saturday, September 14

Inside My Art Journal: Queen Bee

I still have been listing to "Royals" by Lorde all the's just my "it" song right now. So, I created this art journal page the other night while I was searching for some artsy inspiration and listening to the song. Enjoy :)

Wednesday, September 11

Autumn Bluebird Mixed Media Painting

"Autumn Bluebird"
Today I am happy to share with you a recent art work, "Autumn Bluebird". An original mixed media collage painting. I completed this piece on 12x12" canvas, utilizing gel medium techniques to give this piece beautiful texture and brilliant layers - almost mimicking encaustic techniques, with carved in elements. I would say the hardest part in creating this piece was waiting for those gel medium layers dry between art layers. The heat gun helped speed it up a little, but there was still a lot of waiting.

I must say - blue and orange is a colour combination that I always come back to in the fall. It is perfect for the autumn season, and they work so seamlessly together. Of course, it's why they are considered "complimentary colours". 

There are layers upon layers of translucent colours in the bluebird in this painting. It really makes him shine in the composition, and gives a beautiful depth to him.

This original painting is available for sale in my online shop.

Tuesday, September 10

Small Town...

So today, I share with you all very exciting news! This is the exact news that I have been "sorta-kinda" referring to the past few weeks. And, the same news that has had us running out crazily and maybe stressing a little bit. 
We bought a house!!

So, suffice to say, we will be moving...but this time we will be staying at this house a long, long time! It's a first for both me and James, so it's very exciting and scary all at once! Everything was finalized in the past few days, so it's now safe to share with everyone :)

I do not have any photos yet, I will be sharing those once we move in - in less than a month!! I know, super fast!! It is a cute, little small town that we will be moving to; so back to small town living for me :) (Hence the song I've included, "Small Town" by John Mellencamp). I'm excited and scared. It's been a long, long time since I've lived in a small little town - since I started university in 2004 and moved from the countryside back home - almost 10 years ago!

 I'm excited to have more space - we have a nice and big back yard, and a deck overlooking that. I'll be able to have a nice garden and cute flower beds - maybe even a fruit tree or two! We are also close to so many friends in this dear small town -so it will be nice having them all almost next door. You can even see the milky way at night on clear nights - that's how far away from the city lights we are :)

I'm not scared about not knowing anyone in this town with this move. This is James' home town, and so we visit it frequently. I already know, very well, everyone on our street. And it's for this reason that the decision to move there was so much easier to make. 

Anyways I should stop here for now, there will be more to come about this move as time goes by I'm sure - especially when we start some renovations. My shop will be staying open the whole time. We aren't moving a crazy distance from where we are now, and so the essentials are easy enough to move and set up again, it just makes sense. 

Wednesday, September 4

Graffiti Angel Mixed Media Art

Today I'm sharing with you one of the weekly projects from the LifeBook yearly art lessons that I had joined in the beginning of the year. I have sort of fallen behind with these, as summer has been incredibly busy. I was able to find a snippet of time last week to create this quick art piece, following the week 30 lesson. 

It was a lot of fun and messy. My favourite part that I was able to start and complete it one sitting, or else it might not have gotten finished for a long, long time... thank you heat gun!

I used so many materials, I can only list a few off the top of my head - that's the problem when you just start 'grabbing' things in your studio lol. I used: watercolour paper, patterened paper, stencils, baby wipes, acrylic paints, ball point pen, ink, stamps and white pen. 

Monday, September 2

Burlap Roses Watercolour Painting

"Burlap Roses" Original Watercolour painting, 9x12"
Welcome September! Wow!  I cannot believe that fall is just around the corner, I just remember summer starting! The summer just flew by, I cannot believe how busy it was. In our house, we have been hoping for a slower fall to 'regroup' but I think it's just going to be even more crazy...with exciting news coming soon..

Today I'm sharing with you a new painting, "Burlap Roses" that I completed with a little more of a neutral palette. I was in a "zen-ner" moment creating this piece, and this is how the neutral palette evolved for this piece. The original painting is available in my online shop, and prints will be made available once the original painting is gone.

I will leave you today with the newest song in my head. Seriously this song has been on repeat in my head all weekend. The course is just so catchy :)