Thursday, October 31

Happy Halloween!

I just want to wish everyone a Spooktacular Halloween!! This year I dressed up as Princess Elizabeth from 'The Paper Bag Princess" from a favourite children's book, and James' dressed up as 'Bob' from Bob's burgers.

I knew I wanted "form" to my costume...take the 'paper bag' idea to a different level. I made my costume by hot gluing cut pieces from compost bags onto an old dress that I no longer use. Hot glue is my go-to hero of all things. I used a 'real' dress underneath, as we were going to a dance, and I wasn't sure how well paper would hold up to dancing around, and potentially drinks being spilt on me. I made my crown from tin foil and wire. I'm happy to report, the dress survived the evening :)

As you can see, we haven't yet painted our's on the ever growing to-do list.

Tuesday, October 29

Halloween Pumpkin Goodness

Just popping in together to share the goodness that James and I carved up this past weekend. It was nice to do something fun together, since lately a lot of our together time has been working on various house projects - which are fun, but not fun like carving pumpkins. These pumpkins came all the way from the family farm, up north a couple hours.

I carved the two on the left - the cat pumpkin is supposed to be Oreo, the cat's, pumpkin. We felt a cat pirate fully represented him this year.  I promise I'm not too crazy, hehe. The skull face on the right was James'. We got a huge mixing bowl of seeds out of these guys too, so I am toasting those all up to nibble on while we watch scary movies Halloween night :)

Monday, October 28

Soon to be Art Studio

This was the room that I picked for my future art studio. I choose this room, as it seems to get the most natural light for the longest during the day, opposed to the other two rooms. It will require some work to get it where I want it to be, but that is part of the fun!!

I'm so excited that this room has a closest! My last one didn't, and it just looked so messy all the time because my boxes of everything were all over the place due to space constraints. This time, my studio should look just so much more organized (or that's the plan).

The first "project" for this room will be the walls, and that will happen when we paint the rest of the house. After that I have some shelves to paint to go along with the colour scheme I picked out, and it will just escalate from there I'm sure. It will be a long, slow process I'm sure...but one day will be exactly as I want it and perfect :)

Saturday, October 26

Snow is here!

Just wanted to share this picture from my drive to work the other morning...winter has given us a warning! This drive was horrible - mostly because the snow was just so slushy, but when I had left it was raining, and I was over half way when I hit this mess. Winter tires are going on this weekend, that's for sure.

So for those who live where snow eventually falls - be sure to enjoy your snow-less weather, because it's just around the corner to stay.

Friday, October 25

Hello From Paisley - Quick House Tour!

Welcome to our home!!
Hello everyone!! I know it's been a little while, we have been swamped with everything. But I am finally checking in with you to let you know that the move is complete. We now officially live in Paisley, with our stuff.
Main entrance / living area - please excuse the mess we were cleaning/fixing
We, ourselves, are adjusting to having just so much more space too. It's such a huge change from living in a one bedroom + den house to a 4+ bedroom house. We are still collecting some furniture, and thankfully to our gracious friends, have had no issues finding pieces to fill empty rooms. Many of them still echo too, as we haven't quite placed yet-to-be-picked-up furniture. But it should all come together soon. Already it's feeling like a home.
Dining area and kitchen - so much natural light here :)
We have already learnt a lot of little "tasks" as home owners. I'm happy that we are both on the same page that we want to try to do things ourselves, and learn how to fix things ourselves whenever possible. I have even learnt how to troubleshoot a toilet that won't stop "running" and to fix it. I know it's not a huge problem, but it's something that I didn't know before and now do.

The view form our kitchen window onto our backyard. And yes, we own the barn :)
Oreo has adjusted quite well to it, but it is very territorial right now: hissing and growling at two particular stray cats that keep coming up to our downstairs patio window and taunting him. This has had a positive outcome though: with all the running between windows and up and down stairs he is getting his exercise, and has even become more playful with toys that he had previously had no interest in.
Our downstairs living space / rec area. There is also a bedroom,
bathroom and unfinished bedroom down here.
It took a lot of love from us to get the house a little more "us", and there's still plenty that we would like to do - some on a "wish list" and some on a "near future" list. One being that we are planning on painting most of the upstairs new colours to refresh to walls, and to let us start "new" with them - patching up all the old holes and 'dents' and them making them look perfect again. It's been so much fun picking colours, and I've almost finished deciding! I think the most exciting part, is that it's ours - and we can do most whatever we want with it - make it truely ours to live in for the many years to come.
One of the views from our slight wrap-around deck in the back

The rest of the deck.
I hope you enjoyed this quick little tour. I know I didn't show all of the house. There are some bedroom pictures that I didn't include, and the bathrooms - but a bedroom is a bedroom, and a bathroom is a bathroom hehe. I'm hoping that once I get my studio somewhat set up that I will be able to get back to some regular blogging habits, and share art with you all again. :)

Monday, October 7

Home Renovations: Good-Bye Wallpaper

After night shift yesterday, and a short nap, I went over to the house to meet up with James and some wonderful, wonderful friends. We started cleaning up the house, to make it spotless for when we move all our stuff in - to get a nice fresh and clean start in our new house. One of the smaller projects, which I actually quite enjoyed (especially after spending most the day cleaning out bathrooms), was taking down all the wall paper borders in the house - with the exception of the one in the kitchen, because others were cleaning there and there just wasn't room for me.  

The border in the bedroom was nice, it just peeled right off like a vinyl sticker. No elbow grease required there. The other's were a little more tricky, but not horrible to get off. Here's how I did it:

Removing wallpaper borders:
  1. Peel off the design part - the top of the border should come off easily, leaving behind it's underpart which is still stuck to the wall, as you can see in the above photo.
  2. Steam it - if you have a steamer. If you don't, a spray bottle with warm to hot water will work just as well. Your arm will just get a work out from spraying it so much. I used a steamer for some, and a spritz bottle for others - both worked equally
  3. Make sure the wall paper is good and soaked through - if it's still dry in places, make it wet. Having it all soaked through with water is the key
  4. Take a scraper and make a mess! This isn't a "clean" job. Scrape all the wall paper off, and it will come off nice and clean. Just work your way around, making the paper wet and then scraping it off
  5. Clean up left over residue with a sponge or towel. 
And that's it...all off! :)

Saturday, October 5

Home Owners!

James and I officially become first-time home-owners this past Friday :) It still doesn't seem real. That might be because, we drove into our new town to pick up keys, walked around a little, and then headed back to our current rental house to sleep the rest of the afternoon as we both worked nights. Sort of ruins the excitement  I know lol.

And then, today - after getting home from work, and sleeping most the early afternoon, we got up and started out first official run for home repairs. Just the basic stuff to start - light bulbs and cleaners. We will be getting more as we go along I'm sure, but we were short many light bulbs.

We aren't quite sure when we're moving in. We have a bit of stuff we want to do in the house first, and then we will move. We have until the end of the month to leave our rental house, so there's plenty of time.

Thursday, October 3

Winter Wonderland Watercolour Painting

"Winter Wonderland" - Original 9x12" watercolour painting
I just created "Winter Wonderland" this weekend. I was thinking about those cute little snow globes that children make with Mason jars (I created some myself when I was younger with baby food jars in school). So much fun to make. I thought it would be cute to create a little winter scene in a jar for a painting. Yes, I know winter is still far, far away.... But it's hard to not create when a thought pops into the mind.

I just loved painting that little fox - so much fun to create, especially the little heart nose. It took a lot of masking paint, and lots of patience, but I think it all paid off. The idea I created on paper with paint was exactly what I had in my mind :)

Tuesday, October 1

Painting Up A Storm

I've been keeping myself busy this past while - besides packing and working - painting some commissions. I put the finishing touches on all of them this past weekend, and they will all be mailed out this week! I love sending out paintings that I've worked together with my clients to create - so much fun combining visions! :)

Just on a side note, I am still accepting all forms of custom paintings, and have not filled up all my spots for the upcoming holidays - they filled up last year around the end of October. You can see custom painting options, here. Also, you can use the messaging system on Etsy to discuss other possibilities with me - I am always open to creating new ideas :)