Wednesday, January 8

2014 Goals

Happy New Year's everyone!! I hope everyone had a wonderful time ringing in 2014. :)  I thought I would share a 'goals' post. Sometimes it helps to put goals out there, helps get things done. Sometimes it doesn't. But, it doesn't hurt one bit - so here I go!

2014 Art Goals
  • Learn my new camera 
    •  I've been snapping randomness almost every day since I've purchased it. I'm sort of scared to bring it outside - being winter, and being brand new - but I know I might on a sunny day. 
  • A new painting at least once a month.
    • I need to get back on track with my creative interests.  With the new house purchase, renos and then going into Christmas; it has been hard. But that brings me to my next goal:

  • Start filming my art
    • I will probably just start off with filming the process of my creating. And then hopefully, go into creating some tutorial videos. The first should be no problem, it just requires time to create. The second...well, we will have to see and I will have to work on that.
  • Finishing all my many unfinished paintings. 
    • I have way too many unfinished canvas pieces, and either they need to get done, or they need to get painted over. I really need to clear the "painting-limbo" clutter, and I feel that will help my creative drive as well.
  • Art Journal Weekly
    • This may be a harder one. But, I would like to regularly art journal. Sometimes actual canvas pieces and watercolour paintings take up that time, and I would like to still stay on track with the art journalling - maybe make that into a weekly series like some other artists do online?
  • Build a table for the living room
    • This is my last big goal. I found a table online that I would like to make. It would be a bigger project, hands down - as I have never made furniture before. But I really like, and I think I would enjoy the piece so much more knowing that I made it. We will see on this one. Likely to be a summer project we can do in the garage.

Now onto some personal goals. These ones are always harder, they always seem the same hehe. 

2014 Personal Goals:
  • Attempt, again, to donate blood - I was turned down my first time trying to donate last year due to low Iron. I really want to donate, despite my dislike towards needles. It's such a selfless act to help others
  • Read more - I read quite a bit this past year, but I want to read a little more. There are some series that I'd like to dive into 
  • Train within Mammography - this depends a lot on my work, and things I cannot control, but I would like to utilize the online courses I have been taking in Mammography and begin hands on training and eventually get my certification. As I said above, it's only so much in my control and so much out of my control. But I have been taking the online courses. 
  • Get healthy again - with everything going on the last half of the year - starting with my ankle injury - I haven't been as healthy as I used to, and I need to get back into that. Maybe share some healthy recipes with you all :) Along those lines too, I'd like to eat less processed foods, make more of our own stuff - like pastas and such. 
  • Keep our house lovely - there is so much more space than I'm used to, and I would like to keep our house lovely for guests to stop by anytime :)
So there we have it! My art and personal goals. They sort of always run along the same line, with the odd new goal. 

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  1. Great goals! Building a table sounds like quite a challenge, but I'm sure you are up to it!


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