Friday, January 17

A New Project...

With the completion of the last crocheted blanket, I felt I needed to start a new project. An amazing yarn sale at Michael's might have also spurred it on. I often work on these crochet projects during my breaks at work, so they are a nice "time filler" when I'm on my down time.

This pattern is a bit more complex, but I have been very much enjoying it. Sometimes it even takes a while for me to "figure it out" - sort of like a puzzle! And since this pattern is in a round, and is a lace pattern, each round is different - keeping me a bit more interested in it.

It is actually a large table cloth pattern, but I loved the lace design of it so much that I felt I would do it with a thicker yarn and a larger gauge and create a afghan of it!

Isn't it such gorgeous yarn? I totally fell in love with it and purchased a bunch of balls until I even had a pattern. Luckily I found a perfectly suited one :)

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