Thursday, January 16

Abstract Apple Tree Progress

With all the 'snow-days' we have had - where there's been no where to go, because the roads are all closed - I got to dabble in my art studio and work on a painting that I've had brewing in my head since the fall. It's a sort of abstracted mixed media tree, with lots of delicious texture and vivid colours.

As you can see below, Oreo cannot resist stealing a warm chair when one's back is turned...silly bugger!

There is still a long, long way to go. Above is a quick peak at my desk with my paints, mediums and tools that I've used. As well, as my reference photo that I took of an apple tree in the fall. I love, love love the acrylic glazing liquid by Golden - I always have. I bought that huge bottle ages again, and I must use it in every acrylic painting I've done and there's still stuff in it! I have also been growing quite fond of the M.Graham & Co. acrylic paints. They have a wonderful smooth and buttery texture to them, and they paint so smoothly.

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