Tuesday, January 21

American Goldfinches

We have had many visitors to our bird feeder this winter. One of them has been these lovely Goldfinches. I was able to snap a bunch of photos of him as he filled up on seeds and nuts. I believe their official name is the American Goldfinch, but definitely correct me if I'm wrong. They just match up best to that colouring and description in our bird book :)

Using my telephoto zoom lens has been perfect for capturing these guys so nicely! I am able to stay way back in my kitchen, where I am no bother to them, and just shoot away. Although, I feel that in the picture below, this little bird is starring right at me!

I love this last picture as it show their delicate little feet for well! I cannot wait until spring when all these birds show their beautiful, bright colours! We are already talking of adding some more feeders (there are always birds fighting over this one), and I'll be ready with my camera!

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  1. YES to more feeders! I love love love birds! I miss my little finch, his sweet chirping..


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