Sunday, January 26

Lovely Sunday Painting

We got snowed in, again this weekend. I was supposed to work nights, but with the roads all being unremarkable horrible - not to mention officially closed - I ended up staying put right inside. For the days that I was watching the weather and the roads, with hopes that it would clear up, I was not productive at all. My mind was occupied on checking the winter road reports every 15 minutes, and no creative thoughts were had. I did manage to clean up my studio with hopes that I would then get creative, but alas I was not.

Now, Sunday morning - I do not have to worry what it is like, and Mr. Winter can snow and blow to his hearts content; I don't have to be at work. Just having that relief, and my mind quieting from the worry, I was able to get into my art again - not to mention also having a nice and clean art studio :) I'm currently working on a watercolour, inspired by a classical painting - and experimenting with my watercolours a little bit to create it. I love working on this square watercolour paper, and don't do it often enough. I really enjoy working in "squares"; I find it modernly refreshing and sometimes a welcomed challenge.

As well, I have an art journal page on the go - there is a layer of gel medium drying on it that will take some time. 

I think today, I will not venture far out of the art studio...maybe just to replenish my hot winter beverage.

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