Friday, January 31

Midsummer Nights Watercolour Landscape Painting

I created this watercolour painting, "Midsummer Nights", based on the inspiration of Botticelli's painting, "Primavera"

I just loved the dark background of the tree foliage, with the brighter fruits in them. And then, all the ferns growing at the bottom - a sure sign of an abundant and thriving little forest. I've been starting to get a little stir-crazy with all the snow keeping us; and this painting was just so refreshing.

My painting developed into a sort of evening scene, with the little white speckles in the trees looking like a beautiful clear night. Sometimes inspiration gives you a little nudge, and then you jump into the rest yourself and create a unique piece that no one would even think was inspired by something else. 

You don't even need to be inspired by the entirety of the painting - I didn't even really notice the figures, or hold them in thought when I saw it. It was the lush trees that made my mind click and start painting. As you can see, my sketches aren't really detailed, and are more writing than anything. It's actual quite rare for me to sketch one of my watercolour paintings before beginning - usually I just dive right in. Every now and then I'll brainstorm in my sketchbook; but that's not too often either. I use it for planing very technical paintings, or working out ideas, especially for commissions. 
"Midsummer Nights" - Original watercolour painting
 Midsummer Nights is available in my online shop. The painting posted earlier this week, "Snowy Evening" is now available as a print, as the original painting sold right away.

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