Monday, January 27

Mixed Media Valentine Garland

I'm super excited to be sharing with you my first instructional video! I thought I would keep it easy - being new to video editing and the whole teaching-via-video-process. So today, I bring you my Mixed Media Valentine Garland, via video :D I hope you all enjoy it :)

The best part about this project, is that as long as you have the coffee filters - it doesn't matter how, or with what, you design them. Basically: colour the filters, glue them together with a clear medium (ex. mod podge or gel medium), let dry, cut out hearts - or any shape, and string together! Ta-da! Instant mixed media garland goodness!

Please excuse my "bare" window...we haven't gotten to putting up many curtains yet in our new house...still
planning the decor for this room before we hang things up :)

Materials (note you do not have to use all of these, it's just what I had around to grab and use):
*Coffee Filters
*Faber-Castell PITT Big Brush Pens
*Letraset Auqamarkers
*Spray inks
*Gelli printing plate
*Acrylic craft paint
*Catalyst wedges
*Big bubble wrap
*Black pen
*Mod podge
*Workable fixative
*Baker's twine
*Ink pads
*Wax paper
*Small hole-punch


1. Take out your coffee filters and flatten as many as you think you'll need. You will be able to make two hearts per filter. I used 6 filters, for 12 hearts.

2. Start decorating them with your colourful materials. My order was : markers, spray inks, gelli printing, pen, stamps and then more paint. Let these dry.

3. Once dry, fold in half to make a crease. Working on top of wax paper, mod podge the halves together, and then proceed to mod podge the top. When that is dry, flip the coffee filter around and mod podge the back. Let dry completely. Depending on what clear medium you used, it may feel sticky - spraying a light coating of workable fixative helps with that. Be sure to do so in a well ventilated area.

4. Next we're going to cut out our hearts! I fold the half filters in half once, and then twice. On the folded side I cut a half heart. This gives me two full hearts when unfolded. I continue to cut all the filters, using a previously cut heart as a guide to ensure they're all similar. Or create some drama making all the hearts different!

5. Next use a hole-punch to punch along the tops, and string your baker's twine or ribbon through.

6. Hang up your garland in front of the window to fully enjoy all of it's beautiful colours and translucency! :)

You can use this technique to create fun, every day garlands too! Just have fun with the colourful materials you have on hand. This is a perfect project for little hands too: get them to decorate the filters, and then you assemble their creations.


  1. Super cute tutorial! Loved it! :)

    I use an old candle stick & rub it over my journal pages to prevent sticking.. gently, I can see it working here, though it does leave some waxy residue.

    Great video - i did notice you showing things "upside down" but near the end you changed the orientation & then it was much better! you sound kinda like christy tomlinson when you teach! :)

  2. Yes a candle stick would work! They turned out great in terms of stickiness thought after a couple days of curing.

    I filmed upside down, and the flipped in the the video editor - but I forgot I was going to do that, so showed everything the wrong way lol.


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