Sunday, January 12

My First Finished Unfinished Project of 2014

I finished crocheting this blanket as my first 'finished-unfinished' project of 2014. Going back to my one important goal of finishing my half-started, lingering projects. I had really wanted to get this blanket done as a gift, so there was definitely a push to get it done. 

I used a super thick wool, and so this blanket has some heavy weight to it, but it's also so warm. I think the weight will add to the cosiness of it. Because the wool was so thick now, it crocheted up quite quickly - adding to the increased probability of finishing it :)

The stitching pattern was quite simple - a mix of shells and then double stitches; putting them together with a more modern colour palette to give it a combined geometric and chic look.

I'm so very happy that I was able to finish this, and I cannot wait to gift it. Now...onto the next project...

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