Wednesday, January 29

Snowy Evening Watercolour Painting

Today I'm sharing with you my most recent watercolour painting, "Snowy Evening". I was inspired by the way the snow looks at night, illuminating the sky as all the lights on the street try to peak through the cold haze.

I really wanted to combine vibrant colours to create a winter themed painting. Too often, they are just cooler colours, such as blues, green and neutrals. By approaching it a little differently, I could appropriately incorporate a rainbow of colours, while still giving the sense of winter and also the sense of warm coziness.

Above is out lilac tree, which I used as reference for the tree portion of the painting - branches overly draped with fluffy snow.

"Snowy Evening" - Original Watercolour, 9x12"
This painting is available in my online shop. Happy day!

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