Tuesday, January 7

So Much Snow!

We have gotten so much snow here the past few days. We have been under a Blizzard Warning for yesterday and into this morning. I can't even think of the last time that we have had one of those, usually it's "Snow Squall" watches and warnings. Being that we live near a great lake, and in a sort of snow belt, it shouldn't surprise me - everyone has just been spoiled previous years with such great weather in the winter!

These pictures do not even give the amount of snow justice. All our roads in the area have been closed, and the snow is blowing that much more than before.

As you can see, our Christmas Dinosaur is almost completely covered, and since it hasn't stopped snowing, I wouldn't be surprised if he was completely covered by tomorrow. 

Oh course, being a Canadian girl, the most had to be made of it. I took my Christmas snowshoes out with a neighbour and their dogs down a trail yesterday. I apologize that I have no pictures of that, as it really was a sight with the dogs heads just barely poking out the snow. Oreo on the other hand had something completely different on mind:

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