Monday, January 13

The Lovely Moon

The sky was nice and clear the other night - opposed to being clouded over and snow-storming...or raining (yes, we have had both). It was the perfect opportunity to try taking some photos of the moon. I took some before it was dark, while the moon was starting to hang out in the sky, and then came back to it later when it was nice and dark. 

This shot below was just pure luck: of a plane flying in front of the moon as I was taking the photos. I didn't even see it coming until it was in my frame.

I must say, I am truly loving this new camera. It is just so much fun, and just so much more creative control over my photos. All of these were taken from right inside my kitchen through the was pretty cold and damp outside - and I'm not quite ready to venture with my camera in the winter elements. :)

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