Monday, January 20

Winter Frolic Watercolour Painting

"Winter Frolic" - Original Watercolour Painting
Today I'm sharing with you all a recent painting I finished in watercolour. It's called, "Winter Frolic", and I got inspired to paint this with all the massive amounts of snow we have had. As impairing as all the snow can be, causing roads closures and such, you can't help but notice how beautiful it is - especially once you're all cuddled up and warm inside :)

I usually find myself more drawn to painting spring / summer trees, as the colours are just so vibrant. But this recent downfall of snow has covered everything with a lovely twinkling blanket. When I used to live in the city, this glitterious cover (yes, I just made up that word!) would soon turn brown, mucky and gross from all the traffic and snow clearing. But in my new small little town, it stays looking clean days after and gave me time to become inspired by it!

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