Thursday, February 20

2014 Goals: First Revisit

I just wanted to take a moment today to take a look at the goals I had made in 2014, and see where I'm standing. I never did this previous years, so maybe that's why I never exactly held true to them. You can see my 2014 goals, here.

Art goals: 

  • Learn my new camera - I have been dabbling lots with my camera. I know I still have lots and lots to learn, I just can't wait for it to warm up outside, and then I'll take it for adventures!
  • A new painting per month - I created a lot of new paintings last month, so I'm definitely keeping on track there!
  • Start filming my art - I have created two films todate: an instructional one, and a fast-forwarded one. I like to say I'm on target there too - filming takes a lot of time, and with everything going on, I'm surprised myself that I got two done. 
  • Finish unfinished painting - I have started working on some of my unfinished work. There are a lot of new commissions that have come up though that have pushed those back a little for now.
  • Art journal weekly - Maybe not every week yet - but I'm definitely working in my art journal a lot more regularly now!
  • Build a table - This will wait for summer I think :)
Personal Goals:

  • Attempt, again, to donate blood - I was able to donate blood when we tried again! :) Last time my iron count was way too low, and this time is was nice and high, so we were free and clear. 
  • Read more - I've been reading a lot more too. Trying to read right before bed, instead of watching tv or playing on the computer / phone
  • Train within Mammography - I was accepted to take a training position at work in our department, so I will now be able to train in mammography and become a Mammographer! Super exciting!
  • Get healthy again - There are still goodies that show up at our house from time to time, making this a little harder - cupcakes and pie were dropped off the other day lol. 
  • Keep our house lovely - Being so busy with commissions and work and training has made this hard to keep up to sometimes. The common areas are usually clean - it's just laundry that is my nemesis lol...oh, and the art studio is usually a little 'untidy' when I'm on a painting spree - okay, it looks like a tornado has gone through it on most days...but that's just creative flow! 

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