Tuesday, February 4

Heart Strings Watercolour Painting

"Heart Strings" - Watercolour painting
I've begun to starting painting Valentine's themed watercolours. This is a "holiday" that I really love. I know that it's often regarded as a 'Hallmark' holiday - a scheme to make people buy lots of stuff. But, if you don't fall into the trap of consumerism; it can be a really cute holiday to celebrate everyone you love and spend special, quality time with them. We often just make a really nice dinner together, and then have a quiet evening with some wine. Being shift workers, it's so nice to spend time with each other.

Anyways, back to the painting :) "Heart Strings" was inspired by the Mixed Media Valentine Garland video tutorial that I shared with you all. The idea of the little birds decorating the trees with them was an adorable thought that I wanted to paint out. The whimsical branches of the tree help to bring out that magical "Disney-movie" feel to it: think Cinderella's super cute little birds twittering and flying around gracing all the trees with little hearts

The original painting is still available in my online shop. If you miss out, I do have a few more Valentine's paintings to share :)

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