Monday, February 10

Mixed Media Beginnings

Just sharing some progress of a mixed media painting. Not sure it's direction just yet, but I'm just taking it step by step, and seeing where the painting leads me. Above is the first layer of collaged papers. I really like the yellows and greys together.

Next, I added a few bits of washi, and then went over it all with a bunch of gel medium. I used a stencil to create a very textured surface. As well, I added some gauze that I applied with a more watered down mix of gel medium (so that the gauze texture does not get lost among the gel medium holding it down).

It doesn't look all that great with the wet medium, being white. But looking below, you can see that it dries super transparent, and all you really see is the gauze.

 An up close shot of that delicious texture:

Next I think I'll start adding some paint. We will see. I'm pondering next steps. :)

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