Thursday, February 13


I got some new fun products on my last large art supply order. I usually like to purchase random things here and there to experiment and learn about new products and companies. When it comes to art - you don't know anything about a product until you have actually put it to paper or canvas. I will be sharing these products on another date - but they included some acrylic paint markers and some new acrylic paints, as well as some brushes. 

Above is where I left this girl sitting - for the better part of a year. She has been 'reworked' once already. With all the new goodies in hand, she sort of spoke to me to start working on her again. I have all of my 'works-in-progress' up against one wall - always staring me down, so that if inspiration can strike with them again one day. That was how it was for this piece - I looked at my supplies, looked at this painting - and then went to work. 

It is still far, far from done. And although it is reworked, the true aim and idea of my initial concept is still in place - I just have new tools to carry it out a bit better, and more like I wanted. Her face still has many layers to go - and the background has many layers and small details I want to include too. My main goal is to create a sense of depth around her. Lets see if I can achieve that!

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