Friday, February 7

Unconditionally Watercolour Painting

"Unconditionally" - Watercolour Painting
Another super sweet Valentine-themed painting to share with you all, "Unconditionally".  I had a hard time naming this painting - the concept of how to paint and create it was very solid in my mind, but as for the title - I kept going back and forth between a couple. This sort of delayed sharing it with you. But then I finally thought up a perfect name, something that is so in line with the thought of love, romance and relationships - Unconditionally. That no matter what, that person in your life - husband, wife, family, friend... - that they are there for you unconditionally - and that is love.

The original painting is available in my online shop, Jellybeans, on Etsy.

It is now set up for direct checkout. Meaning that if you're not a Paypal fan, you can just pay directly through the checkout system via Credit card, Etsy gift certificates and more (available payment methods depend on your geographic location). Of course, Paypal is still available as an option .

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