Monday, March 3



I have wanted one of these Raskog Kitchen Carts, by Ikea, for so long. They seem to be all the rage in the art world - a lot of artists have them floating around their studios - looking so very useful. It was from their studio pictures that I even discovered this cute little retro-vintage looking cart existed. I just keep telling myself that whenever I finally made it to an Ikea, I would get one...years later, I have finally acquired one!

I don't know what I loved most about the idea of it: the functionality or it's ridiculous cuteness? I'll admit, a bit more of the later than the first ;) The teal colour is just so happy - just like my walls! For the functionality - I'll be able to 'roll' my supplies where I need them - to my desk or art easel; and it keeps a bunch of the supplies off my desk, making more room to create. It's a good solid metal too - no cheap plastic here!

I immediately put it together when I got home - while the cat played in the box. This morning, I started to load it up with goodies. Top is brushes, pencils and watercolours. Middle is all my acrylics, and the two mediums I use the most: Gesso and Glazing medium. I put all my 'craft paints' to one side, and all my professional paints to the other - with the mediums separating them. I'm not sure about the bottom yet. I might just leave it empty as a 'catch all'. I was also thinking of putting my pastels there. I really want to start using them again, but finding the time this winter has been hard. So I thought, if I put them where I see them - I might pick them up more. Maybe?

Now that I have the cart in the room, I've been entertaining the idea of maybe moving things around? Rearranging? I don't need to have my desk super close to my art easel any more. I have a couple commissions to finish up and orders to pack first though, before I tear my studio apart. I need to move things to put up curtains soon any ways- another Ikea purchase, just so darn cheap there! So, we shall see.

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