Tuesday, March 4

Gentle Snow Winter Watercolour Painting

"Gentle Snow" - Watercolour Painting
A new painting here to share with everyone :) "Gentle Snow" came to me one morning, while I was watching the snow fall outside. It was those gorgeous, huge flakes that fall slowly - just so pretty. The contrast of those large white flakes, against the rich evergreens in our backyard was definitely something to record in watercolour.

I apologize for the 'ugly' trademark on my upper image. I usually don't trademark the images, and just post them as a lower resolution - but I've recently has issues with people using my images without permission to create and sell products - so the trademark will be one step I'm taking to try and protect my artwork.

The original painting is available for sale, here. For those who have never shopped on Etsy before, you can get $5.00 off your order for signing up, here.

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