Monday, March 10

Like Icing

I've been dabbling in my oil paints, and reworking an old painting. By reworking, I really mean: taking the original 'reference photo' and redoing it in a whole new way. I tend to do this a lot. And although some might think, "don't you feel like you wasted so much time before, because you're just covering it all up?". Well, my answer is simply, no. I wouldn't have gotten to this point that I'm much happier with, if I hadn't started the way I did. Art isn't always a straight and simple route. Sometimes, you have to deviate off a little - or a lot - to get to where you feel you should be :)

My application of paint for this "rework" is nice and thick and creamy - like icing. The colours are so very vibrant, it's just so wonderful playing with the oil paints again. 

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