Thursday, March 6

Sassy Cupcake Birthday Card

It's been a while since I've pulled out my stamps to create a greeting card - so it was almost refreshing to work on and complete this fun Birthday greeting. Let it be know, making a card isn't always as easy as 'slapping' some things together. There are a lot of layers that come into play - and with these layers, come a lot of different materials. This usually leaves one's work area a disaster for only one little card. 

I used a bunch of different Unity Stamp Co. stamps from a variety of kits. Hopefully, I don't forget any: Cuppy Cakes, Sassy Pants Sentiments, SMAK Kit (4/13), and SMAK Kit (6/13). I used Letraset Aquamarkers to colour in the cupcake and candle, and embossing powder on all my stamping. 

I always think a card is going to be a disaster, and then I piece it all together, and it really comes together. My favourite part would have to be the black, glittered embossing powder I used. It just adds so much fun to this card!

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  1. Ooooh, I would buy this card from you. I have a sweet friend who goes by Sassy pants. ��


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