Wednesday, May 28

Buzzing Among The Flowers

Later in the evening the other day, while I had my camera out looking for something to photograph, I heard the tell-tale sound of a bumble bee buzz. Now, I'm not sure if it's just me - or if something is up with nature this year, but the bumble bee's I've seen so far have been massive! Anyways, this little (big) guy was buzzing around a cluster of my purple flowers of some Lamium plants that popped up. How perfect! This bumble choose flowers complimentary to it's own cannot get more perfect than this!

So I sat myself down, used my telephoto zoom lens to give me distance from him as to not disturb him, and then shot away as he buzzed along from blossom to blossom. These are some of my better ones, some I'm holding back for potential reference photos for paintings, and many were not great at all - Yea for digital!

He was not slow moving by any means and was completely unpredictable, so capturing him from here to there and in action meant just trying to focus quick and then shoot a bunch of pictures knowing that maybe one will turn out right. Some picture he even flew out of before the exposure was done.

I'm quite happy now that it's warm out, and I'm bringing my camera out a lot more. It definitely helps that there is more to photography than just ice and snow now! :)

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