Monday, May 19

Garden Boxes

I'm thrilled to say that we are so close to having a full-fledged garden!! :) Eeeeee!!! I'm super excited about this. One of the reasons we choose this house, when buying, was for the large yard - and garden potential! We soon realized that there used to be a larger structure in this particular area that I wanted the garden in, and that the cement pad is still somewhat under the ground in some areas. So, plan B - garden boxes. And honestly, I think these might end up being a better all-round idea anyways.
We did three long boxes - 12 x 4 feet, and I'm going to use the square-foot gardening method to jam these guys full of vegetable goodness! All we need is dirt now! 

Meanwhile indoors, my seedlings have been doing wonderfully. They go outside most afternoons now - unless it's storming and super windy (in an effort to prevent all my containers from blowing around and spilling out my precious plants).

I am so happy, and sort of shocked at how well the tomato plants are doing as well. I really thought I would have a challenge on my hand with them, but they are growing wonderfully - as are the brocoli and cucumbers. Some of my peppers came back (from the cat-eating incident); but I'm not sure if they'll make it through the season. I think I may just purchase one or two greenhouse plants just so I don't have total garden disappointment in the pepper department.

I cannot wait to get these guys outside full time!! :) I also have beans, carrots, kale, lettece and various herbs that I will be planting directly into the ground.

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