Friday, May 2

Gardening Massacre

I promised I would show my more "mature" plants last week, and today I am - along with a tough gardening lesson I had to learn as well. Above are my lovely, lovely peppers that took so horribly long to grow - a mix of miniature bell, regular bell and chili peppers. They were coming along so nicely until the great plant massacre occurred.....

Now, above is what is left :( Only six few remain with their leaves in tack. The rest, without their leaves are as good as gone. The beast responsible: Oreo. He decided to 'nibble' on on the leaves on all the plants within his reach. I should have known better, but he had left them alone for so long....well, lesson learnt. Always keep out of cats reach. I the few remaining plants - but I think this year for peppers I will have to buy some of my plants. It will be interesting to see how the bought produce vs. my seedlings. He also took out my pansies - but I honestly did not think they would be ready any time soon. I think I have to start those way early next year.

My cucumbers only suffered a nibble here and there - nothing that this hardy plant can't recover from. 

My regular tomatoes and (four) broccoli plants were out of reach, and so they are safe and growing quite well.

I'm pretty proud of my tomatoes so far! Look how big they are! I know they have a ways to go, but still pretty proud. Oreo ate the few of my cherry tomato plants, so I will have to pick up a couple of those I think too when I get the much for starting everything from seed.

These guys will be going outside shortly, and into the garden we have yet to make. We're going to do raised beds, for those who did not know already, and follow the "square-foot" gardening method. I got all my other seed in the mail today - carrots, herbs, lettuce, beans and kale. I think it will be a good "first garden" selection of goodies. :)

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