Thursday, May 22

Product Review: Impressed with imPRESS manicures

I recently receive a 'trial' product from Broadway Nails for their imPRESS manicure product. I'm a chronic nail bitter - and so I thought if this goes well, it would be perfect for special events to make my fingers look so very pretty!

I received the product in the "Holla!" style - a super cute lace design. It took not even five minutes to peel off the sticky back of the nails and put them on my fingers. That's right! No annoying glue or anything. And they have stuck pretty well...none are budging. The packing says that it will last up to a week - I won't be able to see if that is true. In a day or so, I'm back to work - and these are just way to long for work at a hospital. But they are fun for now, and given their reasonable price - I've seen them at Walmart for under $10 - I can see myself getting them for weddings this year. 

My only nitty-gritty critique about them would be to provide more nail sizes. They had more than enough for all my fingers. But I had none that properly fit my thumb. Now, maybe I just have an abnormally wide thumb. But the nails I picked, if you look closely do not fit perfect as the rest. Other than that, there are lots of little nail sizes, and I think I might even have enough for James nieces to do a manicure when they come down since their hands are tinier, and there's lots of little nails left.


  1. The first time I tried these from Influenster, I was given the crackle design...hated the design, so it took me 6 coats to paint over it...then they fell off in 4 hours. I learned the hard way. This time, I did them right and they've stayed on for longer than a day, hahaha! I keep seeing the lace design and I am SO buying some next time I go to walmart. :)

    1. Also, I was supposed to receive more from them..My tracking code said it was delivered, but it's not in my mail box :(


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