Saturday, May 3

Pastel Work In Progress (WIP)

More progress on my succulent pastel painting. I got a lot done the other night, and I am almost done one succulent! The reason I have started on the plant below before finishing the top one is a 'pastel-based' reason: pastels smudge. In order not to smudge work I've already completed, I'm working in a diagonal sort of direction: I do a bit of the top parts, and then a bit of the parts below that. Some people may have the skill to work with the pastels on all sections at the same time - but I rest my hand on the page to support it, so that method wouldn't quite work out for me.

And a juicy shot of all the beautiful pastels. The ones I'm using for this piece are in the box on the bottom right. The other two boxes are where I'm 'pulling' my colours from. The ones I'm using don't look super vivid, but that's because they're coated in the dust from me handling other colours. It's a combination of Mount Vision pastels (majority) and Rembrandt pastels They are quite bright :)

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