Wednesday, May 7

Refreshing The Work Space

I think I finally have my art studio how I want it (for now, hehe). For a long while, I was having a hard time creating in it. It just felt so cluttered and it shouldn't have - there is a lot of space in this room, especially compared to where I've created before (think back a couple years - one bedroom apartment, creating in my living room!). 

Anyways, I wasn't really going into the room to create - I actually for a while didn't even want to do anything in this room. It meant something had to change. Step one: I got James to hang up a curtain rod. It took awhile for the curtains to actually be hung on it - they needed hemming, and it was something that sort of didn't get done for awhile. But I finally hemmed them, and then put them up - already a drastic change. I felt like the room finally was complete!

But, it still wasn't enough. It was quite functional the way I wanted it to be. I knew that I would probably be moving things around as time passed from my original set up, and the time was now. First I went through the closet and did a little purging - probably not as much as I should have (as an artist, you get attached to random art supplies you use once in a blue moon, hehe). But I did recycle a huge box full of paper items and I had a packed garbage bag to go out. It cleared up enough space, that I could put the shelf that I had in the corner of the room into the closet.

I always found that no matter how much I organized on this shelf, it still always looked a little messy - loose stuff here and there. So putting it in the closet was a perfect way to hide this inevitable mess that was just always there, no matter what. This on it's own made a huge, huge difference. I change my organization - putting art books on the self with the printer, and all the watercolour and pastel papers on the shelf in the closet - books always look neater than random, loose papers. There's still a little mess on that tiny shelf, with the printing paper and shipping supplies - but I use them so much, I didn't want to tuck them away in the closet.

This freed up a huge corner - it just looks so much cleaner. And I was able to move my canvas' that were starting to impede on my creating space (around the art easel and desk) to the area where the shelf used to be. I hung up some paintings, and I have a lot more to hang up - I'm still just pondering what I want to go up. Since mostly all of then are for sale (with the exception of maybe one - the flower painting above the printer), I want to hang them in such a way that if one sells, it won't leave such a 'hole' on the wall.

I also want to put up a long shelf to just set some pieces on it, giving them a 'layered' effect. As well, I would be able to set works in progress while I'm thinking up what to do next.

I already feel more creative in this changed space. It's definitely more functional now, especially since I have that teal cart to roll here and there as I need it. I feel better in it, and thoughts are coming out better. I can't say that it won't change again, but putting that shelf in the closet I'll say was a super decision.

You can see how my art studio was before here, and before I even painted it when we first moved in - here. It has come a long way :)

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