Sunday, June 22

A Hiking We Will Go!

This shot only took many, many attempts with a camera timer and my speedy leaping through the trees.

Summer brings back our hiking trips! Our first hiking trip brought us out to Skinners Bluff. This 16km hiking trek (8 km to the above spot and back to our car) was blessed by a beautifully clear and cool day. We couldn't have asked for nicer hiking conditions.
We were way high up on the bluffs escarpment. 

Gorgeous view from Skinner's Bluff. I just can't get over how blue the water is in Colpoy's Bay (off Georgian Bay)

So many trees growing up and bent out from the rock edges. 
I'm hoping that this is just one of many, many hikes out and about the Bruce Peninsula this summer. I hope we get to explore so much more, and enjoy this beautiful area that we live :)

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