Sunday, June 8

Gardening Update: Fenced in and all in their new homes

A big garden update today!! We got the fence put in around the boxes, so all the plants went in last week :) (Thank you so much James!!!) Upon buying our new house - having a garden was one of the big things I was looking forward to! Having seedlings to put in, along with planting direct seeds, makes the garden look vibrantly growing - while the rest of the seeds catch up and start growing.

My little pepper plants rebounded wonderfully from the cat eating most of them all earlier in the year. I was able to plant 12 of them - 4 each of chili, green and mini sweet peppers. 

My tomato patch is looking great too! My seedlings look robustly healthy compared to the seedlings I purchased to add a bit more to the patch. I am diligently watering and watching over them to ensure that they take well to being moved from pots to garden. 

Look at those tomato plants! Super strong stems are hopefully the beginning of super productive plants!

My green beans were directly sown into the boxes, and they are starting to pop-up to say "Hello'.

My cucumbers are doing okay. I'm not sure if they are taking well to being transplanted. But I planted some additional cucumber seeds directly into the boxes in case these seedlings don't take well to being moved around.

The broccoli plants are loving their new space! I don't have too many concerns about them. They are strong and thriving well. I just can't believe that I was able to 'nurse' and grow all these larger plants from teeny, tiny seeds! Sort of blows my mind and makes me feel all proud and rosey inside :)

Additionally, there is kale, carrots, lettuce and various herbs directly planted into the boxes :) Now I just have to wait and wait for food to grow! :)

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