Tuesday, June 24

Little Starts to Bigger Things

Last week I started planning for a larger painting project that I have been asked to 'tackle' - it will be 3 panels of 24"x40", giving a total size of 72" x 40" - that's 6 feet of painting! Phew! 

Due to the nature of the request, a lot of planning will have to go into this piece before I can begin to touch paint to canvas. I'll be able to share with everyone the "nature of the painting" once it's complete and everything is done! I started out with a quickie sketch - I've never been huge of sketching before painting, and usually the sketches don't look like much and in the end don't mean too much because the painting process takes over and things often turn out different. 

But since this piece has to be, very, carefully thought out and planned out - which I guess I should do more often to have a higher success rate in finishing in my larger paintings (as I count unfinished paintings and run out of fingers - blushes). So I thought I would be a quick watercolour painting rendition to get a better feel of colours and composition. This rendition - as shared above - is not complete. But, it begins to give more life and understanding to the random pen marks in the above sketch. As you can see, it already deviates from the sketch - as I thought it would...

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