Friday, June 20

Oh She Grows Garden Update!

Are you all sick of my garden updates yet? Hehehe, I hope not!! There is still much more growing to happen! It was a pretty exciting week in the garden - even though I've been diligent in ensuring there is enough water for my dear plants - it was after all the rain this week (which is still going on) that things have really taken off! Maybe because the sun isn't out as much to soak up all the water before the plants get to?

Most of my tomato plants have blossoms! Super exciting! I was looking back on old photos, and I cannot believe how big these guys have gotten - from seed! Maybe I'm a little nerdy, probably a little obsessed at this point, but it just makes me so giddy knowing that I was able to grow them from seed! I've been told that Epson salts are really good for the plants, so I may pick some up - have any of you tried Epson salts with your tomatoes?

Some of my pepper plants also have some little buds starting to form. Not all yet, and that I'm guessing is that some plants are behind from the cat-beheading-the-peppers incident. I'm sure they will catch up though, and it might work out in the end, staggering the produce a little more.

My brocoli plants are huge - I'm giving a conservative measurement of almost 2 feet high! I'm happy they got a little break from the sun - they are said to do better in cooler weather. 

My cucumbers are beginning to blossom again. After having them blossom before transplanting outside, I pinched all those ones off  with hopes that I would indeed get more - and I did! They are starting to look healthier again. I do have some directly-sown seedlings though that are starting to grow in case these guys take a turn for the worse. If they don't - then we will just have many, many cucumbers :)

My long awaited carrots are starting to show progress too. They didn't all come up, but of the ones that did - they are starting to get some true 'leaves'. 

I decided at the last minute this season to plant some potatoes....They just popped up, and hopefully will have enough season to give us some potatoes.

As well, I last-minute-planted some sunflowers.  We love feeding birds, and I really want to bring the bees and pollinators around - so these will help with both of those, and look super pretty! I planted two per spot, and once they start to take off, will choose one.

Everything else is doing wonderfully! I just couldn't' take more picture without being eaten to death by the bugs! They have been especially making a meal out of me this summer so far. 

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