Friday, June 27

Oh She Grows: Garden Update

Look at those boxes!! So full of green goodness!! Things have been growing so well with all the rain, and then super sunny / warm weather. It's like plant paradise around here!

My tomatoes are just doing their own thing. They are thriving so well. Tons of buds are one them, and they're starting to turn into blossoms. I hope to get a lot of produce off of them, it looks promising!

My peppers are the slow-but-steady group of the garden. The first blossom opened the other day, and like the tomatoes, they have tons of buds.

We should be able to harvest up some lettuce soon. I can't wait! It'll be the first "bounty" from the garden :)

The potato plants took a little bit to emerge, but they grow so much every day! I will need to hill up some more dirt around them soon.

My cucumber are starting to climb on their own - for the most part. I have a 'climb-resistant' plant on the right. It just refuses to stay up - so I'm going to direct it to flow off the side of the box.

The broccoli are the super-stars of the week, again. Compared to last week, they must have grown over a foot! They are just loving the cloudy, overcast and cool weather - plus the buckets of rain. 

We even have the start of one broccoli head! Super exciting!!

Now, I do have one annoying garden issue. Earwigs. I think they are nibbling on some of my plants - mostly any tiny seedlings. I actually saw one in the garden, and there's little earwig 'poops' on some of the larger leaves. Any tips? I feel bad 'getting rid' of them, since they are supposedly good for the garden too...but I've had to replant some because of them, and I'm none too impressed by that.

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