Saturday, July 5

Oh She Grows: A Closer Look

The very beginning of a tiny!

My garden has been growing out of control with all the rain we had - which is a good thing. And with the earwigs mostly gone, and controlled, things are starting to pick up more now that they're not being nibbled on consistently.

Kale is starting to take off. We have already harvested some of the younger leaves.

We have harvested two pickling cucumbers already. The pollination process has been slow and a lot of blossoms have been 'dropped', but I hope that they are going to pick up. The plants have been climbing better lately too :)

My broccoli floret I watch everyday, twice a day. I want it to be as large as it can get...but I don't want it to flower. It's a thin line, I know. 
We have had a very 'garden' salads from the garden, with the lettuce, kale and cucumbers and they are delicious. I joked to the boy that the salad tastes like, "rainbow, sunshine and unicorns.." ... aka: we worked our buttocks off to make sure this stuff grew and wasn't eaten by critters before we could eat it. I've never worked so hard for a salad in my life, but it was totally worth it :)

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