Wednesday, August 20

Little Upgrades Giving a Big Difference

This summer I took the opportunity to give our house a little upgrade in the front. Below is how it looked before - the stain on the wood was faded, if not completely weathered off, and the poles looked like they may begin to rot soon.

I stripped off all the old stain - and that was no small task. One day project the products said, humph! Took me almost a week of sanding after work.  The screen door was the hardest part, with all the little nook and crevices. 

I thought about going back to the original 'cedar' stained colour. But I wanted a change - if you're going through all the effort, why not give it a new look? This dark brown semi-translucent stain has a slight touch of grey to it. Love the greyed browns! I painted the numbers white so that they stood out a lot more than before - make us a little easier to find :)

I think it worked out well, and now our house looks a little more like ours. Next: painting the front door and garage door a nice, neutral blue. :)

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