Saturday, August 9

Oh She Grows: And we have pickles folks!

Last night I turned the above cucumbers into the pickles below. My pickling virginity is now gone! It wasn't too hard...I made my first batch just using a dill mix - keep it easy this first time, so that I can focus on the process more. I got 6 jars. In 4-6 weeks we will know how it turned out!

Meanwhile, the garden has been pumping out beautiful produce :) I'm hoping to get another batch of cucumbers to pickle a different way - then we can test the differences. 

 Below was one of my harvest's this past week. It weighed up to about 10 lbs of food!! This garden, despite some of the set backs....earwigs mostly...has been wonderful! It is honestly a vegetable laced forest now. 

I'm already thinking about next year - what worked well, what didn't, what I want different.... :)

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