Tuesday, August 26

Oh She Grows: Changing colours

All the green goodness in my garden is finally starting to slowly change into red sweetness. The cherry tomatoes have been slow to get going, but are now starting to really pick up :) But what I'm really excited for - since I don't really eat tomatoes - is my peppers!! I'm sorry about the lighting in some of the pictures - I'm working nights this week at the hospital, and so I'm missing the opportune photography lighting conditions, hehe.

Do you know how hard it is to let green peppers sit. Sit. And, sit some more? Knowing that they will be delicious as a green pepper, but having that nagging voice in your head tell you they will be even more wonderful if you can let them change red? But now that time has come! I've already picked off one red mini-bell pepper. And I went down to check this morning to see two more on the way. Since these are mini-bells; they are ripening fast, now that they are starting. My larger regular sized bell peppers are taking a bit longer to mature - I blame that on the gardening massacre, stunting their growth for a while.

The most beautiful are my hot peppers. This picture does not do them justice on just how vibrant that red colour it. So much more than the bells. I can't wait for the rest of them to go this way. 

My paste tomatoes have also taken the leap, and I can see two starting to turn. The cooler weather has made me nervous about my later produce making it through the season - especially all my green tomatoes. So, I gave them a hair cut - I pruned them. I had avoided it for so long. Very conflicted between what people were telling me, and what I was reading online - knowing that there is more than one way to do something. I'm not sure if I like what I did. But I've been getting so super nervous with all this cooler weather.

 It took me two hours - it was a lot of work, there was a lot of 'bush' in my plants. The above tomato was already starting to turn before I pruned - I noticed it as I was clipping along. But my beefsteaks don't look close to turning, and living in Ontario, the season has maybe a month and a half left...two months if we're lucky. So I pruned. And now my lush patch of tomato plants look sad. Fingers crossed this was a good idea. If not, then I will not touch them next year. You live and learn!

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