Saturday, August 16

Oh She Grows: A garden update

The garden has been pumping out the produce, and growing so much! The broccoli is done. Half the plants were already pulled out, but the other two are going today. This will make room for some short season plants, that might give me food before the frost in October. 

My second planting of green beans are starting to flower. I don't think I'll be able to get enough to freeze since it's only a handful of plants, but hopefully enough to eat with dinner. My large bed of beans are pretty much done. I might get one more picking, but they won't be great beans. They are a little more seedy, and most are short. 

 Since the beans I choose to plant this year are a quick and early variety, I thought I would chance a third planting where some lettuce used to be. They have just begun to sprout :) I believe this variety is 50 days, so it should still make it before things freeze.

My zucchini plants are so big. I'll admit, I had no idea what I was in for when I planted far I've pulled off a bunch of 3-4 lb zucchini. It's still giving some blossoms, so I'm sure there will be more. I haven't done any baking with it yet, but we've eating zucchini fritters, zucchini pasta salad, zucchini fries and I've made zucchini relish. Some is also frozen for later in the year. I have about 8 lbs of zucchini in my fridge, so maybe I'll get on that later this weekend - or maybe I'll just put it in the freezer for when I have some more time.

My little pickling cucumbers are taking over the fence. They have breached the top, and are slowly pushing the chicken wire off the lattice. I'd maybe be a little upset if it was all for nothing - but they are heavy producers, and giving us lots of cucumber goodness. I've made and canned a batch of dill pickles already, and I'm hoping for one more batch. You can see a bunch hanging from the top in this picture. 

My kale has been another heavy producer. I've introduced myself to kale chips this summer, and I like them. It's a good way to use some of this green goodness up! I've also frozen a bunch of it already. Kale is one of those greens that you're actually not supposed to eat all the time - it may be super packed with vitamins, but that overload, if eaten all the time, can start to cause harm. For this reason, it's been hard to use it all up as it gives it to us since we only eat it a couple days of the week, and try to not over do it.

I've got my third planting of lettuce sprouted already. With the unseasonably cooler temperatures, it should do well. Not sure if we needed it though...lettuce is another over abundance we have in our garden. Lots, and lots of salad's this summer :)

My mini-peppers are doing great. I'm just waiting for them to turn colours - there supposed to the package says. Some of the plants look like they might set over 20! I'm not sure what I'll do with them yet though...I might terminate or can some to later stuff with feta. Mmmm, so good! We can also just eat them like normal peppers, but they're mini and so I feel like special things must be made with them :). The news on the 'normal-sized' peppers is not great. Although they have tons of blossoms, only a few are setting with peppers - even despite my efforts of help. Not sure how many regular sized peppers we will have. And given the cooler season, I'm not sure how many will turn colour - I might just have to pick them green when they get to a decent size. 

My chili peppers are rocking the garden. Despite the seed pack saying they will get about a foot and a half high - they are probably getting close to three feet high! They are producing a lot of peppers too. They are supposed to turn red at some point as well, but they are still growing in size, so that time is not yet. 

My hot pepper plants have confused me a little though, I must admit. Two of my plants are producing peppers like above - dark green, growing downward, 'bumpy' appearance, curling a little. My other two plants are growing like below: yellow / light green, growing upward, smooth skin, and no curling. Above looks like the typical 'chilli' to me. Below, I have no idea if it's the same. Did I get two varieties in one seed pack? The leaves and flowers look generally the same. We will have to see how they all mature, and maybe get someone - used to heat - to taste-test them for me. Both types are producing an abundance though. James uses a lot of chili flakes in his cooking, so I'll definitely dry some. Maybe try making a hot pepper jelly?

Carrots are still doing well - because of the ear wigs (which I'm still finding in my garden, but are not causing as much havoc), they are giving a staggered production; a carrot here and there. I know they will eventually all mature, and this allows us to keep up with them better. 


  1. What a lovely garden, the peppers look good. I want to try my hand at growing lettuce, I think it would be hard to grow in East Texas...too hot.

  2. Clemmie V - It might be alright in the shade? Worth a try, you never know :)


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