Tuesday, September 9

Busy Bee

I've been semi-absent from the blog as of late - a lot of good reasons for that :) The garden is starting to finish up - and that means tons of produce is coming off, and I have to do something with it all, plus clean out what is spent. My weigh-in tally for August was almost 60lbs of produce - which for a first time, 3-box raised garden bed, I think is pretty awesome! I'm going to be sad when we have to start buying vegetables at the grocery store again...

My poor tomatoes that I thought were never going to make it, have been turning around like champions so fast that it's been hard to keep up. We had an easy solution to that though - salsa! From the garden tomatoes, so far, we got 4 regular pints, and 7 half-pints of salsa! I had also purchased two 25lb boxes of Roma tomatoes, for fear that we wouldn't have enough. From one box I got another 3 pints of salsa, and 10 pints of homemade tomato sauce! That's right folks! Fresh and clean tomato sauce this winter for these people! :) I still have one almost untouched 25 lb box of tomatoes to go, plus everything else I get from the garden.

I also entered some of my produce in the fall fair in town here this past weekend, and everything did wonderfully :) The chili peppers snagged first place - luckily there were three red ones to pick for the fair!! My winnings will help get me more seeds for next years garden - so to say that garden paid for itself in food is now a literal statement :)

My mini-bells have been turning beautiful colours too. And, I wished that I could have entered them in the fair - but alas, there was no category for mini-peppers, and I didn't have enough ripe ones to enter into the random vegetable category (needed 7 ripe ones, and I was short 3!). Maybe next year :)

Besides being a little homesteading housewife, I've also been busy with my artwork - working on a lot of commissions, and packing orders. I am also putting together my 2015 calendar, and I hope to have it done shortly. I wanted a lot of new artwork for it, so I have to paint that artwork first, and then create the calendar. That means, this month - I cannot say when, as it is a crazy busy month, but sometime, there will be a huge shop update with a lot of new paintings :) Exciting! 

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