Tuesday, September 30

Painting Progress: White Cloud Island II

Today I'm sharing the progress of the largest painting I have ever attempted to tackle (and I am willing myself to make it a beautiful, shining success). It's loosely based on some photographs I took of White Cloud Island. This painting doesn't have to be a perfect representation based on where it's going after - but I do want it to look wonderful. And I know that it was originally based on local landscape. Mostly, I just want it really colourful to light up an area.

I began working on the landscape of this painting in greens - but it just wasn't cutting it. It wasn't as dramatic, and it wasn't as colourful as I was hoping. I was getting disappointed and discouraged. In my mind - it was typical and dull. I felt I hit a wall. There wasn't even much spark in the colour. So I started creating some dramatic contrast, and layering on bolder colours - I thought: if I don't like it to begin with, I can't really mess it up now, can I? It was the best decision. Below is how it was....I think the painting above it an excellent step away from that.
 Oreo, of course, is always hanging around while I'm working in my art studio. I've been fortunate that he never has the desire to rub his head - and long fur - into wet paint....yet.

He often sleeps on his back with his paws pulled up all cute like that. Oh, what a sweetie pie! A fluffy, soft sweetie pie :)

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