Saturday, September 27

Shine Through New Watercolour Painting

I've added a new painting to my online store, "Shine Through." I know it's been a long while since I've added artwork, but things in the art studio having been brewing and I have lots to share in the upcoming days :)

I've always wanted to incorporate when the sun peaks through all the leaves of a tree - a beautiful summer moment - into a painting, but wasn't quite sure how to achieve the desire effect and look that I was after. Finally, after some pondering, I got the effect I wanted. The yellow to green ombre really translates my thoughts into a colourful composition.

This original painting is available for sale, here.

Even more exciting - this painting is the 'cover' for my - wait for it....... my 2015 calendar!

As well, 'Shine Through' is the month May.

 It took some quality time with Photoshop, but I've put together another colourful year for everyone :)

It features a lot of new and fresh paintings - most of them never seen before and I will be sharing them with you throughout the week - so check back often if you see something on there you like but don't see in the shop. As previous years, this calendar will have a beautiful little mini art easel included with it - so you can display your months on the art easel, or you can tack/tape/magnet them to a board for a wall calendar :)

This calendar is currently in Pre-Sale. I have limited quantities, and it will begin to ship in mid-October. You can get yours, here.

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