Sunday, October 5

Painting Progress III: White Cloud Island

Another update on my, very large, commission. It doesn't look like too much was done, but more transparent layers were added to the islands, as well as the water and lower foliage started. You can see my 'mock' watercolour painting on the floor to the left - so, so tiny in comparison! 

An up close picture of all the layers in the islands. So beautifully colourful. I can't wait to be done and apply the final clear finishing product to it - it will make those colours so lusciously rich!

For those wondering the brand of paints I am working with - it's a mishmash of everything :) I've purchased acrylic paint tubes based on certain attributes that I am go after at that moment: transparent vs. solid, ect. So you end up with a couple brands after awhile. I figure since they are all artist's quality with wonderful light fastness ratings, it's not a huge deal :)

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