Thursday, November 27

Snowed In Last Week

The weather outside was quite frightful last week, and I didn't make it into work two days because the roads we completely whiteout. Now what we got in snow is nothing compared to what some the cities in the U.S. got. But the rain came on the weekend, and melted it all away. 

On my days off, I worked on all the commissions that I have. Sometimes though, my mind needs a 'creative break' to wander off and create something else. Above is the beginnings of a painting that I hope to share with you all later this week :)

You can also see my new laptop up in the picture - yes, it was a sad day, my little Dell died without warning. After running it to the nearest computer store in a panic to pull everything off it's hard drive (and they did very successfully), we ventured in search of a new computer. After some discussion, I decided to switch over to Apple, and purchased a MacBook Pro. My cell phone is due for it's 'free replacement', now actually, and I was looking at iPhones - so this will just tie it all together.

It's been a huge learning curve - mostly with printer colour profiles, something I've never really had to do before, but now that things are running more smoothly, I am liking it more. It's also all shiny and new, and who doesn't like that in technology? :)

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