Wednesday, April 30

Feathery Visitors

I've really enjoyed capturing birds on my camera. It take a little patience, and great timing - but, having a bird feeder set up to attract them is the perfect tool!

Tuesday, April 29

A quick Check-In!

The river just out of town, a 5-minute bike ride away on the 'Rail Trail' and
I'm surrounded by nature!

Just a quick 'hello' today! I just wanted to share some photos from my new community - new as in 'moved in October'. I love living here, it is such a beautiful place, and it will only get more gorgeous as summer roles in - if it ever does!

Strolling down the beach on a sunny afternoon. The fog was pretty creepy, but it was such a hot day, and there was still so much ice on the lake.

And, lastely - I'm sharing with you, the incredibly slow progress on my pastel painting. There is just so much detail, that it's taking a long, long time. But it's turning out wonderfully. It's a good lesson in patience this time around I think ;)

Tuesday, April 22

Growing Goodness: Seedlings

I'm so happy this year to have a little garden growing inside this spring - and even happier to have a larger garden to put these precious gems out later. This was one of the major things I was super excited about when we bought our house: garden space!

Baby cucumbers

Baby brocoli plants

Tomato seedlings

Now, these pictures are quite old. My seedlings are a lot larger now, but I wanted to share these beginnings first. It's always super exciting to see your first seedlings popping out of the dirt :) I'll be back later this week with more current pictures!