Thursday, November 27

Snowed In Last Week

The weather outside was quite frightful last week, and I didn't make it into work two days because the roads we completely whiteout. Now what we got in snow is nothing compared to what some the cities in the U.S. got. But the rain came on the weekend, and melted it all away. 

On my days off, I worked on all the commissions that I have. Sometimes though, my mind needs a 'creative break' to wander off and create something else. Above is the beginnings of a painting that I hope to share with you all later this week :)

You can also see my new laptop up in the picture - yes, it was a sad day, my little Dell died without warning. After running it to the nearest computer store in a panic to pull everything off it's hard drive (and they did very successfully), we ventured in search of a new computer. After some discussion, I decided to switch over to Apple, and purchased a MacBook Pro. My cell phone is due for it's 'free replacement', now actually, and I was looking at iPhones - so this will just tie it all together.

It's been a huge learning curve - mostly with printer colour profiles, something I've never really had to do before, but now that things are running more smoothly, I am liking it more. It's also all shiny and new, and who doesn't like that in technology? :)

Wednesday, November 26

Winter Song Watercolour Painting 

Today I'm sharing with you a new painting that I added to the store. I know a couple days ago I shared with you an autumn painting, and it felt more appropriate with all the snow to share some winter paintings as well :)
"Winter Song'
 "Winter Song" is a cute little piece about how despite the cold weather, the birds keep merrily chirping away! I gave them all little scarves in this piece to help keep them warm. Their 'song' are little pieces of music paper collaged on - it gives the piece a lot more interest, and even a little dimension.

Sunday, November 23

Harvest Moon Original Painting
"Harvest Moon" - Original watercolor painting

 I added a new painting to my online shop this weekend. I know snow is still on the ground, but my mind kept going back and forth between autumn and winter - I love the colours and the 'vividness' of autumn. And nothing says that more than a large, illuminating harvest moon.

It is also featured in my 2015 calendar!

Quantities of the calendar are limited, so get yours now before they're all gone!

Wednesday, November 19

New winter art prints!

"Winter Robins" - Watercolour Art Print
I'm excited to be offering two new art prints in my online shop, Jellybeans, just in time for the holiday season! Winter Robins and Goldfinch Frost at my newest additions to the print side of my shop.
"Goldfinch Frost" - Watercolour Art Print
Even though they are winter-themed, the colours are just so lovely that they would make a beautiful wall display all year round. Blues go with all sort of colours, making is very versatile for room decoration :)

Tuesday, November 18

First Snow Day

Chewie is now about 14 weeks, and got to experience snow for the first time! He wasn't as super excited as I thought he would be. I thought he would be trying to catch all the snowflakes and walk funny in the snow. Instead, he does like to catch snowballs - and then proceed to chew on them. He also enjoys digging his head in the deeper snow and running after leaves and such blowing across the snow.


He is growing into quite the handsome fellow. His face has a lot more definition to it, and his body is definitely getting longer and thicker. He still has his puppy fur and his razor sharp puppy teeth - we cannot wait for those to fall out!

His new antics and ever developing personality keep us smiling - his new ability to chase (and catch!) his tail, and his skill at chewing on his now longer and floppier ears. He's so friendly and sweet to everyone. I'd like to say he's a perfect angel, but he still gets into everything. But with a face like his, it's hard to stay mad at him - you just want to cuddle!