Saturday, January 17

New Beginnings!

I hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful new year! So far it's brought us much snow - very, very much snow - and new beginnings. Please forgive all the puppy pictures - I have so many of this handsome bugger and thought I would lace this post with them hehehe.

I always find the beginning of a new year so refreshing - almost like a restart button on life to clear up messes and begin anew. Almost as though whatever might not have gone well the previous year doesn't matter - you get another chance :)

This year I'm hoping to get back into my painting a bit more.  Last year, I focused a lot on discovering new techniques and processes to create - and it was very wonderful, and I learned just so much. But, I still didn't 'find' the grounding in my artwork that I was searching for. This year, taking what I learnt, I am going to try and 'hone in' some of those skills and techniques. I'm sure new things will be tried along the way - it's sort of hard to avoid while working with such pliable and versatile creative materials.

 My studio needs a major reorganization before this can begin - happening this weekend. Many thanks to the chaotic holidays, it is beyond a disaster right now - like, can barely see the floor disaster. Once things gets straightened up, then my regular creating can commence. Until then - the kitchen table is my work area.

The year ahead will be  busy one, there is no doubt about that. I am standing up in my older brother, Jason's wedding in the summer, and then James and I are getting married ourselves later in the year. There will be lots of planning to happen - and I'm hoping a few Wedding DIY projects to share with you all.

I've also already begun to look at my garden plans for the summer. I have almost narrowed down my list for the year.  Last year, I tried to stick with easy-to-grow, highly successful vegetables - since I was so unsure how things would grow. This year, I will continue to plant some of those, along with some more unique varieties.  We are also going to be converting some of our unused flower beds to vegetable gardens - planting to the 'prettier' vegetables there. We were both so in love with all the fresh produce that we had, I want to make sure we have plenty more again!

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