Wednesday, February 11

Days off

I've had the past two days off, and I've been working away in the art studio. I have some commissions I have been painting - working on one, while another dries and so on.  Packing orders in between that. Chewy likes to sprawl on the floor while I work, and even sometimes 'squeeze' himself beside me. I've had to take him on long, long walks to tire him out so I can work. :)

The early mornings have been spent planning my garden and dreaming away while I have my coffee. I found a nifty online garden planning program - free - - it allows me to search and build me garden with my exact plant varieties. I love how you can have all those little icons - just makes me way more excited to get started.  I also am enjoying that I can move them around, instead of my old paper method of scratching and redrawing everything a million times.

This is my garden right now - buried under a couple feet of snow. Soon.

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